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  • Generate more phone calls

  • Only pay per lead (not click)

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How will we manage your Local Service Ads?

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Not all service providers can use Local Service Ads yet. It's a new service which is constantly being updated. Be an early adopter and start winning more work locally.

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Your Local Service Ads account is different from other Google Ads accounts and needs to be set up properly:

  • Your agreed weekly budget
  • Your business hours
  • Your service areas
  • Your job types
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Upload Supporting Documents

We will request the most up to date business registration and insurance documents to secure your spot at the top of Google.

This can take a few days to verify and additional background checks may occur.

Set Up

Managing Your New Leads

For maximum results, all enquiries need to be managed in real time.

We will work with you to gather the most up to date information on each lead to report back to Google. 

Lead Management

Managing Your Budget

We can scale back or scale up your budget based on the amount of leads you are generating.

Remember, you only pay per lead - not per click.

Budget Management

Review Building

You'll get the additional benefit of generating more reviews via Local Service Ads. We'll handle that for you but will check in with you to make sure the job was completed positively. 

Review Management


We'll showcase your ads performance and provide insight into the best steps moving forward. 

The more we manage and optimise, the better the results.

Accurate Reporting

If your industry isn’t listed, select “None of the Above” and we’ll let you know as soon as Google have updated it!

Local Service Ads
Case Study

Objective: Reduce lead acquisition costs & generate more calls than website enquiries for a Helio Plumbing & Heating Company.


  • Companies Local Service Ad Positioned at the top of Google
  • Seven verified calls a day
  • Reduced ad spend by 84%
  • Saved time not having to respond to web enquiries.

I saved an absolute fortune on my leads with this new process. I used to spend £££'s a week on clicks - now I pay just for the leads. Securing jobs this way is a much easier process than before. We've since upped the budget and transitioning away from lead generator companies. Will from MapBoost has done a sterling job - would 10000% recommend. 

Jason Wightmore

Helio Pumbling & Heating Ltd

Local Service Ads
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