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What is Local SEO on Google Maps?

Google MapBoost will improve your visibility in local search results and attract more customers to your business.

How do we rank you locally?

We create multiple web pages optimised for specific keywords and locations. When people visit the pages we create, Google tracks their engagement towards your site, which positively affects your ranking. 

How fast does ranking locally take?

Within 30 days, our pages will rank on page 1, providing a boost to your organic position. As time progresses, your company’s position in search engines will steadily rise, and within 90 days, we anticipate achieving positions 1, 2, and 3, along with securing the top spot on Google Maps.

How can I track my local SEO rank?

Every 30 days we’ll supply a report to showcase your local SEO progress.

Why should I choose Google MapBoost?

Choose this service to enhance your local SEO and attract a larger customer base. Our ultimate goal is to maximise your visibility in search results.

Explore the infographic for further details.

Why it works

Google is the gatekeeper to your business – see the infographic for more information.

Google local SEO search results

Local SEO Google Maps Case Study 1:

Objective: Rank business number 1 in Google Search on Google Maps and optimise Google Business profiles to increase website traffic and enquiries

Process: We created 180 landing pages targeted at specific locations in and around Chelmsford. We attached five core keywords to each landing pages which are considered difficult to rank for. 

You'd be mad not to invest in MapBoost. My local enquiries have gone through the roof which means we've had to travel fewer miles to complete solar installations. Couldn't recommend this service highly enough...trust me we've tried everything. Thanks MapBoost!

Dan Spring

Renewable Fuel Ltd

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